Doug Rowe tribute

Flying Circus embarking for the US on Arcadia 1971
(L-R Colin Walker, Doug Rowe, James Wynne, Terry Wilkins, Sam See)

Thanks to Nick Black of Southern FM, I recently had the privilege of talking with my former band…


Upwey/Belgrave RSL this Friday

or is it Belgrave​/Upwey/RSL? Doesn't matter, we are looking forward to the night. All our friends who've played there say it sounds fantastic. (And did I mention the food? Last time we were there, the food was excellent. This isn't…

21 September

Given we hadn't played for over month, the gigs this week were fab-o. It's one thing to be as tight as a fish's but it is great fun to play when you are on edge and trying to invent new…