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The Pardoners feature their original songs at the Casey Radio Auditorium.

There is a large basketball stadium behind our building and Google Maps may send you there. A few of our past guests have been led astray that way. Our building faces Berwick-Cranbourne Road with the stadium behind us facing New Holland Drive. Just a heads up that it is roadworks city around station at the moment so traffic may a little congested.


Field, See & Mason
It began at a dinner at Lindsay Field's to welcome Glyn back to Melbourne. Dinner and a bunch of wine was followed by a lengthy set of acoustic songs. Sam See and Glyn Mason decided to do a few live gigs together.
This dinner was in 1934, so something obviously clicked because the pair have been working as The Pardoners ever since and have released two albums of original material. More recently, Lindsay has joined forces with the Pards as Field, See and Mason.
On a long drive to a gig in the country, Sam suggested the trio rearrange Australian classic songs in the Field, See and Mason vein - Three voices blending over three guitars and, on stomp, His Left Foot
Last August, FSM recorded live in front of a studio audience and their new album Field, See & Mason ~ Down Under The Covers is the result...