'History says this has to be good' - Pete Best

The Pardoners
are Glyn Mason and Sam See. They have been stalwarts of the Australian music scene for a helluva long time. Bands they have contributed to include The Rebels, Sherbet, Chain, Copperwine, Flying Circus, Fraternity, Ariel, Home, Goanna, John Farnham, and, of course, Stockley, See and Mason.

As we recall it, in the Middle Ages Pardoners were licensed by the church to sell Papal Indulgences to the faithful. These indulgences were supposed to expiate the sins of the faithful. The irony was the Pardoners were often committing the same sins, by the bucketload, they were supposed to be pardoning.

They released 'Live From The Vault' as Sam See and Glyn Mason, recorded before a select audience at Sound Vault's studio in January, 2004. It showed off their live repertoire of 2004-5, which consisted largely of covers of favourite songs given a unique, tenderised and marinated, Pardonerised treatment. (No MSG was used in the making of that recording)

"There are no rough edges here, simply a ton of finesse. Damn if it don't sound like a good time."

Shane Nichols, Australian Financial Review

The pair adopted the Pardoners as their brand when they released their first critically-acclaimed album of original songs in 2007.

Now, the Pardoners are back with 12 great new songs on their new CD, “Indulgences”. The themes of “Indulgences” cover a raft of human experience in modern Australia, from loss to salvation, from bushfires to the canola fields, from personal accountability to life lived on the Internet.

Like the Pardoners of old, the pair are hoping to spread the forgiveness globally, for an entirely reasonable fee!

"We decided to call the album, "Indulgences" because we don't like being bogged down in one specific direction. Obviously that is poison for traditional record companies who are in the business of selling sausages. We prefer our sausages to have different flavours, so the new album covers a lot of styles we like."

Glyn at his Pardoner day job